Code Club


In the Library


Bethany Seeger

Sarah Walden McGowan


  • Planning of Meetings, every other week
  • Code Club meeting every other week
  • Format of Code Club Meeting, talking vs hands-on
  • Communication via Email, Google Drive, Github
  • Topics Covered: Python, HTML, XML, XPATH


  • Survey potential participants
  • Create a few simple goals
  • Create/find a project that builds up in skill level
  • Two or more people planning and working on it
  • 'Mini series' instead of long term club?

Keep in mind

people only have so much time ...

people only have so much interest ...

any demystification of computing is a good thing...

professional development?


  • Take apart a computer
  • WordPress
  • How to use GitHub
  • Members' ideas
  • Command Line Interface


  • Amherst College Documentation:
  • Think Python Book: